Work in Progress 1 – Turbine Love

This is my first blog post, but also the first (hopefully) in a series of work in progress posts. I’m hoping that it will spur me on to actually finish some things, or at least get them into some sort of presentable state. Also I just really like the idea that I could record some music or film during the day and have it posted on the interweb by evening. What a marvellous and silly world we live in. So…

This is sort of finished, but I think it fits into the work-in-progress category because I thought it was finished before when it was eight minutes long and substantially different. Then, after a period long enough to let me look at it somewhat objectively, I realised it wasn’t meditative and open-ended, just long and boring. So I did some new music for it and mashed it up a bit and came up with what I think is a much superior minute long cut that I’m submitting for a thing in March. However, I may decide it’s short, slight and meaningless in a month’s time and decide to re-use the footage (I love the footage, just don’t know what to do with it) for something else. So in that sense its still a work in progress.


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