I’m not sure why, but this post from the Flight of the Conchords Newzealandish website cracked me up something awful. I mean it made me laugh in a debilitating way. I couldn’t do anything else for about three minutes. Perhaps I was having some sort of strange psychotic episode, perhaps I’d been drinking, but I’m inclined to believe that it’s because it hits that sweet spot of humour just between clever and stupid. (But then, that may only apply if your brain consistently operates at that point between clever and stupid, as mine does).



April 5 2006

»Problem with Website discovered.

A catch 22 type dilemna has struck kiwi band Flight of The Conchords in relation to updating the band news on their website. Members of the band (Jemaine and Bret) have noticed that whenever there are doing things that could be reported on the website, they are too busy to update the website. In addition, whenever the band members have some spare time in which they could update the website, there is usually, as one member put it “nothing going on”. As a direct result of this problem The Conchords may resort to manufacturing news stories about themselves to bolster news items in less busy times.

»Conchords Develop Powers.

Last week while visiting New Zealand metropolis Palmerston North city, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement of Flight of The Conchords were exposed to radiation from an explosion at a power generating wind farm leaving them with super powers. McKenzie found that after exposure to the radiation he was able to send text messages with his mind and Clement reported that he was a bit stronger than usual and could lift about three or four more shopping bags than he usually could. But really full ones though. Effects wore off after ten minutes but during that time McKenzie managed to text his mate Dave “HPPY BRTHDY DAV. I M SNDNG THIS USNG MND”.





That last line is devastating.


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