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Andrew Bird at IndigO2 – 26 April

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Denise and I were at an Andrew Bird gig in London this weekend, and it was really wonderful. We also saw him at Koko last November, where he played with his band (which includes electrical looping multinstrumentalist-but-mostly-drummer Martin Dosh, who is a great artist in his own right). This time he was playing solo, and by gosh it’s an impressive (and thrilling) sight and sound. I’d like to write something longer about exactly why its so thrilling, having seen his solo performance twice now, but I’m stuck in about seven other things at the moment, several of which have to be done by tomorrow. But enough whining…

I harbour a sort of zealous urge to introduce as many people as possible to the brilliance of Mr. Bird, so this is a little of what the gig was like:

Video taken from a balcony with a Flip flash camcorder. Bird plays ‘Why’
and ‘The Naming of Things’, and begins to play new song ‘Oh No’ from
the album he is currently recording in Nashville, but the camcorder
runs out because I wasted all the space recording my shadow on a train
station platform in Lewisham. Notice the shoes in the lower right of
the frame.


Listening 10-04-08

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I’m mired in essay marking and trying to finish my chapter on Tarkovsky and time pressure at the moment, so here’s a quick list of what I’ve been mostly listening to while working this week:

1. Paul Curreri and Devon Sproule (thank you James)
3. Arthur Russell – First Thought Best Thought
4. DJ Krush – Jaku
6. Ruckus Juice & Chitlins Vol.1: The Great Jug Bands
8. Blackalicious – The Craft
9. Sharkey & C-Rayz Walz – Monster Maker
10. Stan Getz – Cafe Montmartre
11. Les Primitifs du Futur – World Musette

(with the jug bands winning by a considerable length in terms of repeat listens)