The sad tale of Jeremy Blake

I just spent a whole hour engrossed in the story of the artist Jeremy Blake. It started as a momentary information search…. I was writing about the abstract sequences in P.T. Anderson’s Punch Drunk Love and decided to quickly look up the artist responsible, but I really hadn’t expected to come across a story as strange and sad as I did. The first curious inkling came when I found that he died in 2007, which led me to dig deeper, which finally brought me to an article from Vanity Fair that describes the whole weird tale.

The Golden Suicides by Nancy Jo Sales on

Still from Blake’s “Winchester Series”. Taken from another article about the events on


One Response to “The sad tale of Jeremy Blake”

  1. Did you ever look up the term Gang Stalking when you were researching their story? A lot of people all across the Internet are having experiences just like theirs and nothing is being done about it.

    It you want you can check out or eve I think if you look up the term it could help shed some light on the weirdness they were expriencing. You can even look up the term Cointelpro and it should also shed some light on what is happening to them.

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